Monday, August 23, 2010

GF Chinese dinner

There really aren't many options when you dine out at Chinese restaurants in HK. When I have lunch at Chinese restaurants / fastfood, I usually order "white chicken without sauce" 白切雞飯走汁 or "Salt baked chicken" 鹽焗雞飯走汁 with rice (飯), no sauce(走汁), plus a plate of "oil veggie without oil or sauce" 油菜走油走汁全走 (i.e. plain boil veggie). 白切雞/鹽焗雞 is a traditional HK chicken dish that is available in most places that has BBQ pork on menu. Just remember to order it without sauce.

However, when I cook at home, there are loads of GF Chinese/ western dishes I can make! From steamed fish, steamed spare ribs, rice noodles, to oven baked chicken wings, pot rice with ANY toppings I liked. I could also make fry egg and pork with tomato, fry cucumber with pork, eggplant, plain steak, salad, any sort of Chinese soup etc. etc.

After talking with many people, I realised that most Chinese do NOT use Soy Sauce all that much at home. Believe it or not, many of them even dislike soy sauce! The key is to add the right amount of salt, sugar, and corn starch. Now I use those pre-mixed salt/seasoning just to ensure I dont put too much salt and have different flavours. I also use the miso sauce I got from Japan. Basically if I eat at home everyday, gluten-free has almost zero impact to my Chinese food dinners. Maybe that's why there aren't many Chinese with gluten allergy - because gluten is not the key part of our lives... (well, in Northern China, they do eat buns and noodles a lot..., but less here in Southern China)

Lemme start taking pictures of my dinners and share with you later =)

Update: I tried various Chinese restaurants that don't use MSG. Including Tim's Kitchen and The Chairman. Their cooks are health conscious. Feel free to check with the cook to make sure your food is ok! Check out the link to the left for the listing and details.

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