Monday, October 11, 2010

Riquiqui - gluten free dessert/cake place!

Heard from a friend about Riquiqui a new dessert place in Hong Kong a while back. Finally got a chance to visit last weekend. If you have been to New York's Chikalicious or Toronto's Perigee's dessert tasting, Riquiqui has a similar concept. You'll be served a 3 course dessert menu, drink included ($200). The first & last courses are fixed (e.g. a little amuse and some cute little cookies).

Amanda and Andrea are from Canada / US. They also have first-handed experience of various allergies. Since they prepare all dessert fresh, you can just call / email them in advance, and they can prepare gluten free flourless chocolate cake or ice cream or pavlova, or any other dessert ideas you have for you. Same for other allergies like egg, milk, etc. They'd be happy to discuss with you. Remember to tell them how serious your allergy (or celiac disease) is.

Last time I went I didnt call them in advance, so I only had a chocolate-tea gelato which has very rich chocolate and earl grey flavour. They were also serving crispy banana pie (looks delicious!), ganache cake (normal), napoleon (the crispy+crunchy type, not the fluffy+crispy type I preferred), carrot cake with coconut gelato... well I didnt get to try these gluten filled goodies but my friends enjoyed them. Ummmm, not every dish is mind-blowing. If you are serious about your dessert, go on openrice to ensure you order their best. With wine included, their very friendly service, plus their location, $200 is more than worth it =)

Address: 2/F, 12 Wellington Street
Phone: 2868 3302

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