Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Souvenir from Toronto - batch 2

Pamela's shortbread (5/10) - very powdery. not very buttery.
Mi-del's arrowroot cookies & pecan biscuits (8/10) The arrowroot cookies are lovely. Crispy style. A bit too sweet for me but overall yummy. Would repurchase.
PatsyPie biscotti, cranberry orange and almond (7/10) Not exactly your usual biscotti. Tough cookie.
New moon kitchen Mackies coconut.chocolate (6/10) Too much coconut and chocolate powder to my liking. Otherwise ok.
Brookie Cookie's Italian Pizzelle from Ambrosia (9/10) Yumyum. When I ate it it wasn't crispy anymore because of the humidity in HK but it just tasted as good.

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