Sunday, September 5, 2010

Natural products show HK 2010

The Natural Products Asia Show is mainly for people to find distributors / manufacturers in HK. However, there is also an area with many stands for organic shops and health food shops.

I got the following Elderflower cordial. Aroha is still looking for distributor in HK but it seems pretty popular in New Zealand. It is supposed to be antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant... but I got cuz it is an amazing adult juice. You could mix it with gin for cocktail, with soda for a refreshing drink, or just with water as a juice. Yum.

Another thing I got is this brown rice miso from the stand of the Path of Health Ltd. I later found that they have stores in Wan Chai HK (177 Wan Chai Road), Yuen Long, Mei Fu, and Kwun Tong. Their signature products are coconut oil and sweet coconut flake. They are not GF-focus but they do sell the Envirokidz rice krispy (chocolate & p.butter flavour).

Also bought some Himalayan pink salt.

Will I go to the show again next year? If I have time but remember to go early, cuz by around 3pm, many stands were already packing up to leave. At an entrance fee is $20, it isnt a bad weekend activity.

See here for more details of the trade show.

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