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The Gluten-free List (HK) [top post]

Gluten free ("GF") restaurants in HK
Just Salad, Soho Central (***)
Cafe on the 1st at the Excelsior, Causeway Bay (*****)
Life Cafe, Soho Central - vegan also (****)
Green Waffle Diner, SOHO Central (****)
La Creperie, Wan Chai (*****)
Eat Right, SOHO Central (**)
Coast Bistro and Bar, Soho Central. Need to request specifically for GF meals (to try)
Sesame Kitchen offers gluten free cooking classe in Sheung Wan
Pho'24, Landale St Wan Chai (**) the soup is a bit salty and I got allergy reaction from the beef/soup
Taco Truck, Quarry Bay, Shop E, 22 Finnie Street (to try)
Munch, TST 1 Knutsford, Buckwheat pizza! (to try)

Organic / MSG free restaurants that hopefully understand our gluten free requests:
The Chairman, SOHO Central (*****)
Yin Yang, Ship Street - Wan Chai (*****) - they make everything from scratch with love. At $680, you can be the King and make whatever allergy requests you have. Starting at $228 (set), lunches are more affordable. I think they have ala carte menu as well.
NaturoPlus, Wan Chai (*****) - Closed as of 2016. I was there last night. They understand the term "gluten-free". However, most dishes are not GF. I usually eat the Pork dish which is amazing. They changed the sauce to a cream sauce for me, but they said the pork was marinaded in Chicken Powder... To be 100% GF, you could order the steak, the chicken with olive oil, or the fish.
健味粥 Tam Keung's Congee (****), closed MSG & chicken powder free congee. Famous for its fresh fish & pork. The place is a bit quiet most of the times cuz it is located on a infamous drinking street (Tung Lung St) but it doens't serve alcohol... But the congee tastes like how I make it at home.
Tim's kitchen, the Michelin winner (*****). You can check with the waiter for the exact ingredients in each dish. They are always MSG-free but also confirms that your dishes are chicken powder free and soy sauce free. Note that in HK, most deep fried dishes are made with corn starch.
Original taste workshop 原味家作, various (**)
Xiyan 囍宴, various (**)

I haven't tried all of them but you could find information and reviews of them on openrice (available in Chinese and English).

Organic/natural food shops where I do my GF snack shopping:

Little Giant, Wan Chai (*****)
Health Gate, Central (***)
OrganicToHome, Soho (**)
Safforn Bakery, 24 Square Street, Sheung Wan (gluten free bread)
Healthy Delight, Soho 34-38 Stanley Street, 2/F (to try, has organic GF milk formulas)
Just Green, Soho Central, 52 Graham St
Green Earth Society, Sai Kung, See Cheung St
有機地Organic Land, Wan Chai (181 hennessy road), Tin Hau, Central (**) e.g. Gussie Auntie's cookies. See their online product listing
點點綠Green dot dot, 18 outlets - not GF focus (*)
綠盈坊O'farm, 12 outlets - not GF focus but may have some GF items (*)
Manna Organic Path of Health Ltd 177 Wan Chai Road. Also in Yuen Long, Kwun Tong, etc. (*). Not GF focus. Has Envirokidz rice crispy. Key product is coconut oil.
Healthy Delight delivery
SpiceBox Organics in Sai Ying Pun (Western district)
iDetox food store also has classes, workshops, etc.
General grocery stores with GF selections:
Oliver's Prince's building, Central (pricier) (****)
City'super, IFC Central, Times Square CWB, etc. (***)
Great, Pacific Place Admiralty (****)
Taste of Park n' Shop, various locations
International of Park n' Shop, various locations
Mark n Spencer, Central
Market Place by Jason's
Apita and Jusco, Taikoo Shing
Wellcome, various locations

Specialty shops with specific GF items:
Canadian Fine Foods (closed? I cant find them anymore) for delicious GF sausages, 3 Wan Chai Road (*****)
il Bel Paese for gluten free pasta and other italian ingredients. Queens Rd E Wan Chai near Star St (****)
NaturoPlus a restaurant that also do GF ordering delivery, Wan Chai
Mandarin Oriental HK, Central, GF bread at $68 4 slices (*****)
Ali Oli, Sai Kung, G/F, 11 Sha Tsui Path. Has GF bread with delivery. Also offers GF cakes!
cake2 Tin Hau 天后興發街 54號 - they seem to sell GF cake mix per magazine article in 2008
Xocai chocolate from Africa [to check]

GF dessert!!!
Riquiqui (closed), Central. Great after dinner hangout. (think Chickalicious in NYC). Call/email Amanda/Andrea in advance to order GF dessert like flourless chocolate cake, pavlova, ice-cream/gelato, etc. Friendly service and lovely atmosphere (****).... sadly closed....
Baking Maniac, online. Email ordering. GF cupcakes and other goodies. The chef & son pair is amazing. They are fluent in the allergy-language: egg-free / nut-free / gluten-free / milk-free, you name it. And their cupcakes taste as good as the regular ones! (*****)
Piece of cake (phone ordering. seems to be out of business)
Hagan Daz (some flavours)
Ben & Jerry (some flavours) - Times Square
Grassroots Pantry 12 Fuk Sau Lane, Sai Ying Pun, Western District - gluten free cookies!
Mana, 92 Wellington St Central also has gluten free desserts
Sweet Secrets 35 Graham St Central - gluten free cupcakes
Island Gourmet at the Shangri-la - GF version of their Chocolate Frou Frou
Sift Bakery can do GF cupcakes and some of their beautiful cakes like the feminine Ispahan
* I'll keep adding to this list. Please feel free to suggest.

Special thanks to everyone who left GF related message on geoexpat or else I could never find these amazing stores!

[Original post in 2010. Last updated: Jul 2013]

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Gluten free bakery in HK!

Great news!
A new bakery in Hong Kong that sells gluten free bread!

Saffron Bakery
Quoted from their website "We have therefore sourced what we feel to be the best gluten free flour on the planet. Doves Farms in the UK have developed an award winning range of Gluten Free Flours. Their Gluten Free Brown & White Bread Flours are a blend of naturally gluten free and wheat free ingredients and natural gum for an alternative to wheat bread flour."
They prepare brown and white gluten free loaves on the weekend at all their outlets.You may also contact them if you would like to place an order for other gluten free bakery products.

You could find them at:
- Sheung Wan, 24 Square Street (830am-6pm)
- The Peak
- Stanley
- Repulse Bay
- Gold Coast

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Gluten-free snacks from Germany

Below are scores of the snacks I tried, with 10 as the highest score.

The yummiest of the yummy:
Schär (10/10)



Good but not the best:


Those I finished the pack I got but won't repurchase:



Bottom of the list:

After eating these Bio Hirsebrot bread by Schnitzer (spezial) I finally understand what it means when other bloggers suggest that certain bread tastes like "cardboard" by many bloggers. (1/10)


Gluten free Shanghai

Thanks Jaclyn for sharing the following article with us!
Although in China, you can always stick to plain rice.. (I used to bring my own instant baby food japanese curry to mix with plain rice when travelling in China / Asia.) but it is better to have more options when you actually move to the city.

Shanghai gluten free:

Below is an extract from the article:
Spaanjaars suggests checking City Shop, which stocks German brand Schar’s and Bob’s Red Mill brands, along with a small, assorted selection of gluten-free pasta and cereals. The bakery at the Hilton on Huashan Lu has gluten-free bread, but Spaanjaars says it’s “very dry and a bit like cardboard.” Sunflour has recently started offering a gluten-free loaf as well. Baker & Spice has a gluten-free orange cake, but because it sits in the display next to all the other cakes, contamination is an issue. For gluten-free truffles—available in coconut, chocolate, hazelnut and sesame flavors—email or call Amy at 186-1689-6014. Online, FIELDS, sells gluten-free chocolate chop cookies and flour, Taobao has a handful of Bob’s Red Mill products and ships to China

Gluten free articles in The List Magazine, HK

The June edition of The List free magazine has some info on Gluten Free in Hong Kong. In case you have missed the magazine, I've taken photos of the few pages for your reference. Here is their website: The List - Eat Smarter
Check out the articles! Our friends Baking Maniac is in the list =)
Some other stores to stock up for gluten free supplies and ... gluten free doesn't mean no more dessert indulgence!!!:
- Grassroots Pantry in Western District seems to offer gluten free cookies!
- Mana in Central at 92 Wellington St also has gluten free desserts
- Sweet Secrets with gluten free cupcakes
- Sesame Kitchen offers gluten free cooking classe in Sheung Wan
- Little Giant has always been the giant in gluten free food suppies
- Healthy Delight delivery
- Healthy Delight in Central has an organic gluten-free milk formulas
- SpiceBox Organics in Sai Ying Pun (Western district)
- Just Green in Central
- iDetox
Bon appetite

Friday, May 24, 2013

Florence here I come!

In my search for food for my Italy trip, I came across the following link with restaurant recommendations highlighting those that serve gluten free!


Hostaria Il Desco Address: Via delle Terme 23/R

Hours: Closed on Monday at dinner
Phone: 055 294882
(ItalianFix website's "local picks")

Al Tranvai
Address: Piazza Torquato Tasso 14/r
Hours: closed Sundays and Monday for lunch
Phone: 055 225197
(ItalianFix website picked this up from the Il Mangiarozzo magazine)

Italy is obviously a gluten free person's heaven! See this post by celiac chicks - it listed some restaurant recommendations in Rome and Venice. And this newsletter by

Monday, July 4, 2011

"Cutting gluten" article in Foodies magazine

I came across an article on "Cutting gluten" in the free foodie magazine. It has some recommendations for restaurants with GF-free dishes:
- The Flying Pan (might only be wheat free. Pls check - thx for the comment)
- Pasta Mio (27-29 Hollywood Food Soho)
- Lo Chiu Restaurant (25 Man Yuen Street, Jordan)
- Chung Kee dessert (21 Woosung Street, Jordan)

Source: foodie (July 2011). Available at Classified, Wan Chai