Sunday, July 14, 2013

Gluten free Shanghai

Thanks Jaclyn for sharing the following article with us!
Although in China, you can always stick to plain rice.. (I used to bring my own instant baby food japanese curry to mix with plain rice when travelling in China / Asia.) but it is better to have more options when you actually move to the city.

Shanghai gluten free:

Below is an extract from the article:
Spaanjaars suggests checking City Shop, which stocks German brand Schar’s and Bob’s Red Mill brands, along with a small, assorted selection of gluten-free pasta and cereals. The bakery at the Hilton on Huashan Lu has gluten-free bread, but Spaanjaars says it’s “very dry and a bit like cardboard.” Sunflour has recently started offering a gluten-free loaf as well. Baker & Spice has a gluten-free orange cake, but because it sits in the display next to all the other cakes, contamination is an issue. For gluten-free truffles—available in coconut, chocolate, hazelnut and sesame flavors—email or call Amy at 186-1689-6014. Online, FIELDS, sells gluten-free chocolate chop cookies and flour, Taobao has a handful of Bob’s Red Mill products and ships to China

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