Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Gluten free lunch at home - SUSHI!

It was so hot and rainy the past weekend we decided we would spend the Sunday indoor at home. Stay at home weekend could be lots of fun!

We made sushi (maki roll) for lunch and Mochi the little one enjoyed the experience - preparing and eating. And it is a super healthy lunch for adult and kid alike.

And it is simple! Instead of one of us doing all the cooking in the kitchen, everyone gets to participate. Just wrap all the ingredients of your choice in rice and seaweed! We did not dip our sushi in soy sauce as it is so flavourful as it is! 

Little Mochi usually takes at least an hour to finish her lunch. She also has little patient to sit at the dining table with us. However, for the Saturday sushi lunch, she finished her food the same time as we did! Well actually we were eating as we make the maki rolls to make sure the seaweed remain crispy. 

What we put in the sushi? 
  • little white fish, 
  • salmon (seasoned with salt, pan fried and flaked), 
  • sliced cucumber, 
  • fried egg (seasoned with salt). 
  • avocado!
  • sesame
  • shrimp and other seafood
  • Spam (yay Hawaiian spam musubi!). I used a Japanese brand with no flavour enhancers.

How about sushi rice?
  • Cooked rice (2 bowls)
  • White vinegar (60ml or adjust to your taste) - any gluten-free white vinegar... as some rice vinegar may not be gluten-free
  • Sugar (3 spoons or adjust to your taste)
  • Salt (pinch)

You may adjust the vinegar and sugar based on the actual taste. We prefer it less sweet.
You may also add quinoa when cooking rice. 

How to cook rice without a rice cooker? 
I never had a rice cooker until the past few years! Here is how I did it:
- rinse your uncooked rice in water 
- put the rice in a pot (I used clay pot)
- add water such that the level of water is about 1cm above the level of rice
(So the water : rice proportion is approximately N cup of rice to N+1 cup of water)

Bon appetite!

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