Saturday, January 15, 2011

Baking Maniac Party

What a great evening... R&A from Baking Maniac, thanks for the yummy dessert! It was great meeting Jason from Geoexpat group in person as well. Finally an update to the photo preview of the dessert party as I've been so busy at work since Chinese New Year.

Look at all the dessert in the photos! It has been one of the best all-you-can-eat dessert party for me in a LOOOONG while since I've had all these allergies! R&A are very serious about their baking and careful in avoiding all our allergies - as you can see in the beautifully designed menu and the grand dessert stand!

I even got to pack my favourites home to satisfy my sweet tooth for the next few days. Those in this box are our favourites:

Chocolate Mendiants - The chocolate so smooth and overloaded with nuts and my fav dried cranberries. Loved them:

These cupcakes are amazing! They are the signature of the Baking Maniac ;) The level of moist is perfect to my liking. They used the best chocolate in the cupcakes, and the orange flavour is real, not from some flavoured oil. mmmmmmmmm yum! They also had banana muffins but I'm not crazy about banana (though I LOVE chocolate and had 2 of the chocolate muffins).

Cranberry Hazelnut Biscotti, with a hint of Cardamom. Biscotti is something I always loved. The texture of these biscotti is perfect and I loved the Cranberr/Hazelnut mix.

Yuuuum. I'm not a brownie person but I couldn't put these down. Thanks C:

The crisps to the right also has the interesting herbs flavour. Loved the texture of crisp + bit of chewiness. Cookies are decent too, would be great if it has more chocolate chips LOL, as a chocolate person. Chewy gluten-free cookies isn't easy to make... They also had Saffron Cardamom Pistachio Cookie.

Another heavenly dessert from C. You definitely couldn't tell that they are gluten free. We all agreed that the almond powder makes the difference:
Another look of my favourite:

Special thanks to Baking Maniac for the invitation =) See their website for some more professional photos and the "behind the scene" story ;)
If you have any sort of allergies (dairy, nut, gluten, you name it) and need cupcakes or any cakes for any parties, they can definitely help. R&A are amazing people who'd take care of all your special requests =)

Their contact info:


  1. I would like to get the recipes so I can learn to make them for you!

  2. May i know how to get in touch with the 'Baking Maniac'? my son is autistic and we'll be traveling to HK in Nov,thanks!

  3. You may find their contact here:

    Hope you'd enjoy their goodies!