Monday, July 4, 2011

"Cutting gluten" article in Foodies magazine

I came across an article on "Cutting gluten" in the free foodie magazine. It has some recommendations for restaurants with GF-free dishes:
- The Flying Pan (might only be wheat free. Pls check - thx for the comment)
- Pasta Mio (27-29 Hollywood Food Soho)
- Lo Chiu Restaurant (25 Man Yuen Street, Jordan)
- Chung Kee dessert (21 Woosung Street, Jordan)

Source: foodie (July 2011). Available at Classified, Wan Chai



  1. Please be aware that the first item listed (oatmeal pancakes) are wheat free, not gluten free. Unless they are made with gluten free oats, there has likely been cross contamination from wheat and other grains grown or processed near the oats.

  2. have loved finding your blog, trying to plan a trip back to Hong Kong and wondering what I can eat now that I am gluten free