Who am I?

The gluten allergy

When I first moved to Hong Kong years ago, I developed wheat/gluten intolerance/allergy! I tried living a gluten-free living in HK a few years ago. I found most of the key information on geoexpat about living a gluten free life in HK. However, gluten-free information was so limited back then that I decided to start a blog about gluten-free life in Hong Kong and in general. Things has changed significantly since then. Now the internet has way more information on gluten-free.  Regardless, you can find more details on how I identified my gluten-free allergy in one of my first posts here.

My gluten-free posts are mostly around snack review and travel research. Hope you find some useful information here.

Reduce sugar intake

I had not updated my blog as frequently for a few years after my little one, Mochi, was born.  In addition, my gluten allergy has gotten a lot better. However, there are still times when I get caught off-guard with rashes, itchiness after eating something.  I suspected there are two key culprits for my allergies (1) my high sugar diet (2) stress which reduce my immunisation.

I love sweets. I love sugar. I can eat chocolate for breakfast lunch dinner for days. It is terrible.  I decided to utilise this platform and continue blogging about healthy eating for kids and adults, especially on reducing sugar intake. I hope this blog can help motivate me to eat healthier and lead a healthier life =)

As my life evolves, I am going to broaden the scope of this blog. I promise to keep my eyes open for gluten-free information and share with you.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your story. FYI, as per Ayurveda, it is possible to treat gluten allergy. For the treatment of gluten allergy, you have to consult with an expert Ayurveda doctor who will advise you some safe remedies for successful treatment.