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Celiac Disease English-Japanese Card

Some helpful resources for those travelling to Japan. Here are links to free Japanese celiac disease restaurant cards:
- Japanese Celiac / Coeliac Gluten Free Restaurant Cards - gif in Japanese only, gif format
- English-Japanese Celiac Gluten Free Restaurant Card - pdf in English-Japanese, so that you know exactly what you are showing to the restaurant. Thanks peko from
- Customised allergy card at killerpeanut

Continental airline has a page on gluten allergy food items. You may use google translator to help. I copied the list here with English translation... Basically the first part is a list of food that we CAN eat. The second list are food we canNOT eat.

グルテン不耐症 Gluten intolerance

Example of food that can be consumed in a typical gluten free diet:
- 肉 meat
- 鶏肉・鳥肉 chicken
- 鮮魚 fish
- 米 rice
- フルーツや野菜 fruit & vegetables
- とうもろこし corn
- 塩、こしょう salt & pepper
- じゃがいもpotatos
- 砂糖やジャムなどの保存食品 preserved food such as sugar or jam
- マーガリン margarine
- タピオカ tapioca
- 植物性のサラダ油 margarine
- 乾燥豆 dry bean
- ハーブ、香辛料 herbs and spice
- 卵 egg
- 乳製品 dairy products
- ヨーグルトyogurt (not preferred)
- 熟成チーズ ripened cheese (not preferred)
- チョコレートchocolate (not preferred)

Example of food intake that has been banned in a standard gluten-free diet:
- 醤油 Soy sauce
- 味の素 MSG
- 小麦、小麦粉 wheat, flour
- 大麦、オーツ、ライ麦 Barley Oats Rye
- ソース類 Sauces
- パン Pancake (?)
- ケーキ、ビスケット類 Cake, paked goods
- ペストリー Pastry
- スープ類 Soups
- ソーセージ、ソーセージ肉 Sausages
- パスタ Pasta
- ソースの素、固形スープの素 Prime source stock cube
- 蕎麥麵はそば (unless 100% 蕎麥) Soba noodles (unless 100% soba with no flour)

Other usual allergens (Allergy 食物アレルギー):
- Kaki, かき、牡蠣 oyster
- カニ / 蟹 crab
- エビ /海老 /蝦 shrimp
- ホタテ貝 scallop


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