Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Celiac disease / gluten intolerance travel card in Chinese

Through my travel research, I realised it is not easy to find free celiac disease / gluten allergy travel card. Especially those in word format I can copy and with sentense to sentense comparison back to English. While most people in HK speak English, it just feels to have a Chinese card with you all the time.

As a native Cantonese speaker, I've made the following "homemade" celiac disease / gluten allergy card in Chinese. I also included a simplied Chinese version for mainland China. Just to be safe, I make it sound very serious (intestine would bleed) so that the waiter/chef will be alerted and hopefully be extra careful in the cooking process. I've also included a jpg version (not updated for minor changes in word) you may click in for a larger version.

Also check out customised allergy card at killerpeanut.

Hope it helps!

English version:
Hi, I have Celiac Disease. I am allergic to Gluten (wheat). I would get very ill if I eat any wheat/gluten (my intestine would bleed).

Some examples of food I cannot eat: Wheat, barley, MSG, chicken powder, bread, cake, bread crumbs on fried foods, dumplings, flour, noodles, soy sauce, beer.

Examples of food I can eat: rice, meat (chicken, pork), egg, salt, sugar, most vegetables and fruits. (boil or fry vegetables)

Please kindly let me know which of the dishes in this restaurant could I eat safely?
Many thanks.

Traditional Chinese version (HK and Taiwan):


我可以吃的食物的例子:大米,肉類(雞肉,豬肉),蛋,鹽,糖,粟米,大部分的蔬菜和水果(煮菜,炒菜) 。


Simplified Chinese version (for China):





  1. thank you so much!

  2. Why is chicken in the list of foods you can't eat, and then again in the list of foods you can eat? Was this a mistake in the translation? I would love to use this card while I'm in HK, but I would like to make sure it's accurate first. Thanks!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hi Kat, thanks for pointing that out. It should say "chicken powder" which contains MSG. I've updated the wording but not in the jpg. You may write it in after. You've printed it out.

  4. This is great - thank you. I would like to remove the pork from the list of foods she can eat (long story) but not sure what character it is! The HK version. If it's simple to omit do let me know!!

    1. Pork is 豬肉. Sorry that My reply is long overdue!

  5. Great card, except that MSG doesn't contain gluten. It is glutamate, a naturally occuring substance in mushrooms, etc. It is not at all related to gluten. Avoiding MSG in Asia is a LOT harder than avoiding gluten. Are you able to tell us which character means MSG, so we can remove that part if desired? Thanks!

    1. MSG is 味精
      Chicken powder is 雞粉
      And you are absolutely correct - it nearly is impossible to avoid them when eating in restaurants in Asia.

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