Friday, August 20, 2010

S. Komatsu - Tokyo GF restaurant

My favourite GF restaurant in Tokyo Japan. It was pretty easy to find, right around the block when I got out of the Hibiya Line Roppongi station Exit 2.

We got the ~5000yen set dinner. So we don't need to choose the dishes - it was almost like omakase. I love surprises =) The first appertizer was a tofu which is really thick with strong soy flavour.

The second appertizer is as below. Yummy little fishes. I guess because I had too many allergies, one of the dishes is a chicken breast ham but very interestingly done regardless.

Next is a dish of very fresh sashimi. I just feel so delighted to be able to eat everything without worrying about anything.

This next dish is really interesting. It is a mushroom soup served in a teapot. A very interesting traditional Japanese dish you can't find in many places. You pour the mushroom soup in the tiny cup, and squeeze 1 drop of lemon in it. It is heavenly.

Next dish is a miso grilled white fish. I liked the hint of sweetness in the miso sauce.

The tempura is another of my favourite!!! Being on a gluten free diet, I almost thought that I could never taste deep fried food again! But this tempura is perfectly fried even in a normal diet person standard! And it comes with a black volcano salt instead of the usual soy sauce based dipping.

The final main course is a small bowl of rice with pork and miso soup. They came out to ask if I could take calm before making the soup. So I know for sure the soup was freshly made. Yummy! I was pretty full by now but I was still able to finish the whole thing.

Dessert is a very refreshing Perilla leaf (紫蘇葉) sorbet with pear & grapefruit. It is nothing like what I've tried before. The perilla leaf makes it really refreshing without reminding me of toothpaste or mint gum.

The service was attentive. Waiter super friendly and helpful. The food was fresh and tasty. It made my night a perfect evening! Even my non-GF friend tremendously enjoyed the meal.

The gluten free soy sauce I bought from there. I've never tried the GF tamari sauces so I can't tell the difference but this one by Ichibiki is very good. I'm not sure where else you could find this product except for pre-ordering through Komatsu.

I pre-ordered a loaf of bread. They made it that evening when I was there! When I got it, it was right out of the oven still warm! Such amazing service. Loved them.

Tabelog review (Japanese restaurant review website)
Restaurant homepage (with English)

106-0032 Kawahara Bldg, 1F 7-15-24 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
It is right around the corner of the Hibiya Line Roppongi station Exit 2


Their online booking system is currently down, email them to make reservation if you are overseas.

Special thanks to from japan with love blog for the recommendation!

Update: They just posted on their website that their gluten free menu is temporarily suspended. However, please see my updated post for their feedback on this matter =) We can still visit them for a carefree delicious traditional japanese dinner (actually this is the only GF restaurant in Japan!). It was my favourite dinner in Tokyo =)


  1. What is the price range for this restaurant? I am very interested.

  2. Thank you for posting this! I only wish I had seen this early enough to have gone here. For some reason, I thought I would be able to find a lot of simple veggies and fish there - boy was I wrong (and hungry)!