Monday, August 2, 2010

Trial and error

I love snacking. I used to eat a few chocolate bars in one setting... that might be one reason why I got my gluten intolerance... The whole gluten free snacking didnt seem very promising at the beginning. I was really discouraged. Imagine going to the supermaket/natural food shop, looking up the shelf filled with snacks you love but you can no longer eat any of them anymore... bye bye Bruneo, roche, lindt,... =(

When I spot a "gluten free" pack of snacks, it usually costs twice or three times as much as the normal ones. The packaging would look really healthy (i.e. doesn't look very tasty). But given the limited choices, I usually end up spending a fortune buying snacks. Most of the times, the snack tastes really blanch / too sweet / no good.... These not-as-good snacks usually end up in my office so that when I get really hungry working overtime or when my craving for snacks is really strong but am too busy to go grab a bite, I have something to munch on.

I'm grateful that these companies are willing to develop gluten-free snacks. But there are products that are really not my cup of tea ............:

Too sweet. Too powdery (6/10)

It doesnt taste quite like the chocolate I know. (5/10)

The biscotti texture is amazing but can I take the anise flavour away? It is also a bit salty. Though I would definitely try other flavours of this brand. (6/10)

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