Monday, October 18, 2010

Gluten-free dining in Germany (Munich, Augsburg, etc.)

Munich - fresh fruit
Fresh fruits are always the best gluten-free snacks. These 1EUR a pint strawberries are some of the sweetest I've had since I last berry-picked in Ottawa 10+yrs ago. I got them from Munich... I should have taken a pic of the stall cuz I tried berries from other fruit stands and they are not half as good!

Augsburg - hotel breakfast
We stayed in Augsburg the first few nights when we travelled to other -burgs during the days. We also got ham and cheese with hot chocolate and fruit as we did in Switzerland but the feel is different... Cheese & milk just don't taste the same in this Germany town than fresh in the Swiss mountain!
Augsburg - Mark's
After many days of sausages and cheese, I decided to have something light and order fish for dinner. I'm not sure if the balsamic vinegar dressing is gluten free (seems so according to the University of Chicago site but I've heard the opposite.).... but you can order to have the sauce on the side.
Location: Annastraße 486150 Augsburg, Germany0821 518508
Augustiner, Munich. The infamous beer house. A very plain dinner we got after being overfed potatoes and pork knuckle/sausages.... Roast chicken and roast pork. These should be naturally gluten-free.
Got its name from the Celiac handbook. However the server was quite clueless about gluten-free. So I got myself a feast and hoped it'll be alright... At least he advised me against those potato dumplings which he said should contain wheat flour.
Address: Weinstrasse 1, D-80333 München
Pork knuckle the Gluten free way:
To ensure gluten free, you can order plain brined pork knuckle with plain potatoes, wherever you go in Germany.
I had plain sausages with sauerkraut. Sauerkraut, or sour cabbage, is supposed to be gluten-free. Sausages... not sure what additive/preservative they used...

I only had a temporary "gluten freee allergy". I'm not a celiac and I could tolerate a bit of gluten even back then. This article is solely a report of my own travel experience... I know how hard it is to find GF info on the internet in English. So I'm posting this even though I cannot confirm 100% the gluten status. It took me a long time to find the "celiac handbook" link above, so my trial of that restaurant listed in the handbook is hopefully useful to other GF travellers - that, the restaurant, despite being listed in the celiac handbook link, is sadly clueless about what is "gluten free".


  1. why on earth post this information if all you do is say that you are not sure the food is GF !!

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