Monday, October 18, 2010

Gluten-free travellers wanted!

I barely have time to blog about my previous trips and snack reviews, and now I'm planning the next vacation to Hanoi, Vietnam! =D

Since I've found out about my wheat allergy, I've already blogged about my trips to Japan, Switzerland, Germany... and will be blogging about my trip to Hanoi Vietnam and ZhongShan (中山) China. I need to find other gluten-free traveller bloggers for more travel tips! LOL.

I'll be travelling to ZhongShan, China for work later this year. I informed the hotel (Shangri-la) that I am on a gluten-free diet. I hope they'd understand but I will pack extra instant food and snacks for the trip.

As to Hanoi, I've read many travellers suggesting most foods are ok. But I haven't read any specific recommendations of restaurants or shops yet, esp for local flavours (I love Pho!!). I'm a bit concerned about the potential use of MSG and chicken powder, unknowingly by the cooks. And the fact that I'm also allergic to beef doesn't make life easier... Any tips?

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  1. lucky that they eat rice or pho or bun, which are all gluten free!