Thursday, October 7, 2010

Gluten free fusilli pasta (Carbonara)

I don't know why my photos get rotated automatically by blogger... And sorry, pic of the final product is missing.

Gluten Free Fusilli pasta is from Toronto. Gogo Quinoa, made with Rice and Quinoa.

Casa Rinaldi Cabonara sauce is from Il Bel Paese on Queens Road East, Hong Kong. It doesnt say gluten free but it listed rice starch in ingredient list.

I cooked it for ~ 15+min. And then mix in the Casa Rinaldi sauce.

Pasta: (8/10). It looks a bit whiter than wheat pasta. Texture is bit chewy as regular pasta. But most pasta broke into smaller pieces. Cooking time seems a bit longer than regular cuz they are kinda thick. It tasted good. No particular strong egg or rice flavour. Overall a decent to nice pasta. =) Your family probably can't tell that this is GF.

Side note: Il Bel Paese in Hong Kong sells gluten free (corn) pasta for about $69 500g =) But since I got so many from Toronto & Germany. I'll try Il Bel Paese's later.

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