Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Snacks from Toronto

It has been a while.. Finally some free time to update =) Remember all the souvenir I got from Toronto? Here they are .. well, some of them.

Barbara's raspberry fig bar. I took them with me in a ziplock on the trip. I suspected for a while that they might not be gluten free cuz they tasted very much like regular fig bars. Points are being deducted as they are a bit on the sweet side as they are sweetened by juice (-2) . Plus I'm not a super fig bar fans (-1). (7/10)
Dried blueberries. Naturally gluten free (10/10)
Smooze! are available in HK. But the ones in HK are not marked GF... though fruit ice should be naturally gluten free. I prefer ice cream over ice. But this is also lovely. (8/10)
My favourite favourite favourite! Sacher hazelnut wafers. It tastes better than regular wafers. The best wafers I've tried =) This is a Germany brand. I bought even more when I was in Germany =) Officially my favourite GF snack (together with Envirokidz rice crispy) (10/10)
Sacher Chocolate dipped cookies. Sacher. Enough said. (9/10)

Individually packaged - perfect to stuff a few packs in your bag for trips or as an every day snack. Tastes yummy too =) (9/10)

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