Friday, October 8, 2010

Fresh gluten-free bread on HK Island!

** 11/10 Update **
I warmed the bread in oven and had it with lotus spread (hint: mooncake) today. It smelt and tasted as good as fresh.

** 8/10 Update **
I picked up my order today. Texture of the bread is a bit dense compared to the usual wheat ones. It is not fluffy but it is soft and moist. However it has the eggy bakery smell. I had 2 slices of my ordered bread toasted warm (pic to the right, $20). It was a bit awkward to have it with jam and butter as I did.

Pic to the left shows the bread I brought home =) The $68/4 slices. Lemme try them tomorrow and update you =D

I'll pre-order gluten free sandwiches for lunch some time soon =)

(9/10 sweet, 10/10 savoury)

I checked with the Mandarin Oriental cake shop when having lunch there today. They do not have GF cakes, but they do sell gluten free bread at $68/4 slices. You have to order one day in advance, which means they are freshly baked.
Will order some and report back!

Mandarin Oriental Cake Shop Hong Kong
5 Connaught Road, Central
Phone: 2522 0111
Direct: 2825 4008

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