Sunday, October 17, 2010

Gluten-free Switzerland - Bern

Still a huge back log to write...

Gluten-free life in Switzerland is not without challenge but it is relatively easy compared to Asia. Although, people understanding the term "gluten-free" doesn't mean they are serious enough to look through the ingredient list of every single item used in a dish.

We went to Bern for a day trip. With the tips from the waiter at another restaurant, we located this hidden pizzeria. We were very uncertain about this place cuz the door is in a back street and when we peeked in, we only saw 2 people sitting there. But then we saw that they also have an upper level. As we were heading up, we started to hear people chatting... It was half full at around 6, 7pm =)

Thanks sf for sharing the GF pizza with me so that we can both try another flavours =) Ok, the pizza is not those super crusty crispy flour ones. But it is more than acceptable. We got the magarita (? ) and curry chicken. The toppings are fresh. Service is friendly. Atmosphere is very warm. We were really surprised that the place was fully packed, despite the inconvenient location (while other restaurants on the main street are half empty). So if you are travelling with some friends on a normal diet, they will enjoy it as much as you do. Yuummy!

La Pizzeria
Address: Käfiggässchen 26 or 10 (?), 3011 Bern (Barenplatz)
Tel: 031 311 69 46

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