Sunday, October 17, 2010

Gluten-free snacks heaven... Germany!

Germany is truly a gluten-free snack heaven! They sell Italian brand Schär, one of my favourite gluten-free snack brand, everywhere!

Look for "Reformhaus", or other "Bio-markt", "Bioladen", "Naturkostladen", etc. and you won't be disappointed.

Super thanks to sf my travel buddy for pointing out all the bio shops wherever we go, and shopped with me! I'm snacking on my findings from Germany at the very moment =)

The Reformhaus in/near Viktualienmarkt in Munich has the widest collection I've ever seen!

Thx sf for spotting Denn's biomarkt in [Bamberg??].

Detailed reviews will be posted later =)


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  2. Gluten-free products are also available at chains like DM, REWE, Real and Lidl. Lidl, specifically, has many of its own brands labelled gluten-free. There are several types of sauseges, salami, salad dressings, etc. Real and REWE are also doing this. The selection of gluten-free foods in Germany is rapidly increasing.

    DM is a convenience store, selling a wide variety of products, and it´s not the most obvious place to go for food. But they do carry a good selection of gluten-free items, from snacks to pasta, mostly from Dr. Schaer, which is one of my favorite brands.

    Anyone planning a longer stay in Germany might find it useful to get the booklet listing gluten-free products sold in Germany issued by the DZG, the German association of celiacs. Their website is this: It´s useful because many products are gluten-free, though that is not openly indicated on the package. They also indicate which medicines, toothpastes, etc. are gluten-free.

    You can contact the DZG in English as well.

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